We work with festival organisers, artist management and the artists themselves to create a VIP area within the Artist compound, that is private, and exclusive. This allows the artists an intimate area for them to prepare for their set and then post performance, come back and chill out with their friends and guests (and yes, we do take song requests - even from DJs & Musicians!). 

Our professional RSA trained staff will be on hand the whole time to serve drinks from our own glassware and ensure that the space looks especially welcoming and personal when combined with one of our outdoor styling packages. Our red velvet lounge is a hot favorite with artists due to its opulent luxurious feel, whilst our boho styling works really well for afternoon festivals. 

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This year we hosted industry media and key artists in the artist compound at Mountain Sounds Festival. By day, media were on hand to interview the artists on the couch, or in the Airstream.By night, Key artist were invited to chill whilst preparing for their sets. It turned out be a Great Event!!